Kurt skipped off the field, chuckling to himself. The cheer Coach Sue had come up with was so stupid. No wonder people thought she was losing her touch. He sat down at the bleachers and took his phone out. He hated football. He’d tried his hand at the sport a few months ago, but found no joy in it. It was just a bunch of meat sacks running around with a pig’s skin, grunting and swearing at each other, as far as he was concerned. The only reason he put any effort into cheering their lame excuse for a team on, was because he saw the whole thing as a performance and, as a rule, always gave his all to it. Not to mention, he had a crush on a few of the players.

He had been secretly in love with Finn since Freshman year. To Kurt, he was the dumb giant with a gentle soul and loving eyes. But he had given up just a little bit on that dream. Finn was dating Quinn, and there was no way he was going to pry him out of those little blonde fingers.

Kurt also liked Puck, but he had frequently tossed Kurt into dumpsters and ruined his favorite coat, making him a less than ideal candidate for dating. Plus, Puck was violently straight.

Then there was Sam, who was built like an Ox and Kurt had made several advances at him, but he hadn’t picked up on any of them at all. Kurt had kind of given up on him too.

And lastly, there was Dave. Not too handsome. Not terribly ripped. Not particularly stupid, but definitely not a valedictorian. Dave was just… there, really. But something about the boy drew Kurt to him; a feeling he couldn’t seem to shake.

In all honestly, the main reason Kurt had tried out for the Cheerios, was because he wanted an excuse to stare at boys for hours, without anyone thinking he was gay. Though Kurt was sure everyone knew, he still hadn’t come out of the closet, and wanted an excuse to fawn over his crushes on a regular basis. 


Kurt fell over the bench he was sitting on and onto his back, as a football collided with his head. He groaned and swung his legs around, pulling himself up, then cringing as the ground spun underneath him. He definitely had a concussion.